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  1. swing

    • IPA[swɪŋ]



    • vt.
      擺動; 揮動;使…突然轉動; 使…突然轉向
    • vi.
    • n.
      揮動; 揮擊;擺動; 轉動
    • modif.
    • 過去式:swung 過去分詞:swung 現在分詞:swinging

    • 名詞複數:swings

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    • 1. 擺動; 揮動 to swing sb./sth. to and fro/backwards and forwards/from side to side 來回/前後/左右搖晃某人/某物
    • 2. 使…突然轉動; 使…突然轉向 he swung the camera around to face the opposite direction 他猛地將照相機轉過來對著相反方向 to swing sb./sth. around and around 使某人/某物不停地轉動
    • 3. she swung a punch at him 她朝他揮了一拳
    • 4. 使…轉變 to swing sb./sth. sb.'s way 使某人/某事物轉而按某人的方式行事/發展 to swing sb./sth. in sb.'s favour 使某人/某事物轉而變得對某人有利
    • 5. 搞定; 搞到 to swing it for sb. (to do sth.) 為某人搞定(某事) to swing it 搞定


    • 1. 搖擺 she sat on the branch with her legs swinging 她坐在樹枝上,雙腿擺動著 a set of keys swung from her belt 一串鑰匙在她的腰帶上擺來擺去
    • 2. to swing across/down/up sth. 盪過/盪下/盪上某物 to swing on to/along sth. 盪到某物上去/沿著某物盪
    • 3. 轉動; 轉向 to swing around/back/into/out of/to or towards sth. 轉過/折返回/拐進/拐出/轉向某物 to swing open/shut 轉動著打開/關閉
    • 4. 搖擺著行進 to swing along/past 搖擺著向前走/走過去 to swing along/down/up the road 搖搖擺擺地沿路走向前/走下去/走過來
    • 5. 揮擊 to swing at sb./sth. (with sth.) (揮動某物)朝某人/某物打去
    • 6. 轉變 the game could swing either way 這場比賽勝負未知 to swing between sth. and sth./from sth. to sth. 在某事物和某事物之間搖擺/從某事物轉變到某事物
    • 7. 熱鬧; 時髦 the party was swinging 這個聚會很熱鬧
    • 8. 濫交; 交換性伴侶
    • 9. 具有強勁節奏; 以強勁節奏演奏; 以強勁節奏演唱


    • 1. 揮動; 揮擊 to take or aim a swing at sb./sth. (with sth.) (揮動某物)朝某人/某物打去
    • 2. 擺動; 轉動 to go with a swing 氣氛熱烈 to get in or into the swing (of it or things) 融入(某事物)
    • 3. 變動; 波動 market swings 市場波動 he is prone to abrupt swings in mood or mood swings 他的情緒容易大起大落
    • 4. 鞦韆 can we go on the swings? 我們可以去盪鞦韆嗎? to give sb. a swing 為某人晃鞦韆
    • 5. 搖擺樂
    • 6. 強勁的節奏 to go with a swing 有強勁的節奏
    • 7. 巡迴行程

    修飾詞 (modification)

    • 1. 搖擺樂的 the swing era 搖擺樂時代 swing dance/music/band 搖擺舞/搖擺樂/搖擺樂團


    1. move or cause to move back and forth or from side to side while suspended or on an axis

    2. move with a rhythmic swaying gait

    3. shift or cause to shift from one opinion, mood, or state of affairs to another

    4. succeed in bringing about

    5. an act of swinging

    6. a discernible change in opinion, especially the amount by which votes or points scored change from one side to another

    7. a style of jazz or dance music with a flowing but vigorous rhythm


    「1. a discernible change in opinion, especially the amount by which votes or points scored change from one side to another」的反義字

    • pt
    • swing的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • swing的名詞複數
    • vi.
      突然轉向 to swing around in one's chair 坐著椅子突然轉身 to swing around on sb. 突然轉向某人
    • ph.
    • ph.
    • ph.
      搖擺州(亦作purple state或battleground state,指在美國大選期間,民主、共和兩黨候選人支持率不相 ...
    • ph.
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    • 更多解釋
    • KK[swɪŋ]
    • DJ[swiŋ]


    • vi.
      搖擺,擺動,搖蕩 The lamp swung in the breeze. 燈在微風中搖盪。
    • vt.
      揮舞;使擺動 He swings his arms as he walks. 他走路時擺動手臂。
    • n.
      擺動,搖動;揮動;振動[U][C] The swing of the ship made many people seasick. 船的搖擺使許多人暈船。