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  1. take

    • IPA[teɪk]



    • vt.
      攜帶; 帶領;使達到
    • vi.
    • n.
      (一次)錄音; (一次)拍攝;看法; 闡釋
    • 過去式:took 過去分詞:taken 現在分詞:taking

    • 名詞複數:takes

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    • 同反義
    • 相關詞
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    • 1. 攜帶; 帶領 to take sb./sth. with one 帶上某人/某物 to take the car to the garage 把汽車送到修理廠
    • 2. 使達到 I’d like to take my argument a stage further 我想進一步闡述我的論點 we’ll take the matter forward at our next meeting 我們下次開會將繼續討論此事
    • 3. 拿; 抱 to take sb. by the arm 挽著某人的胳膊 to take sb. by the throat 扼住某人的喉嚨
    • 4. 取用 take three eggs and break them into a large bowl 取三個雞蛋打進大碗裡
    • 5. 取走; 擅自拿走; 錯拿 to take sth. from sb./sth. 從某人那裡/某處拿走某物 he took a book from the shelf 他從書架上拿了一本書
    • 6. 取得 the passage is taken from his latest book 這段文字出自他的新書 the machine takes its name from its inventor 這機器是以發明者的名字命名的
    • 7. 減去 seven take five leaves two 7減5剩2
    • 8. 奪取; 抓獲 to take sb. alive 活捉某人
    • 9. 贏; 吃掉; 贏得 he took my bishop with his rook 他用車吃了我的象
    • 10. to take lodgings 租房子住
    • 11. 要買; 訂閱 to take three pints of milk every day 每天訂3品脫的奶 I'll take a kilo of apples, please 請給我稱一公斤蘋果
    • 12. 吃; 接受; 喝 not to be taken internally 不可內服 you should take something for your stomach 你應當吃點胃藥
    • 13. 記錄 can I take your name and address, please? 可否請你留下姓名和地址? to take the minutes (of a meeting) 做會議記錄
    • 14.
    • 15. 測量 to take sb.'s blood pressure 給某人量血壓 to take a reading 記錄讀數
    • 16. take a seat! 坐吧!
    • 17. 以…為例 let us or if we take the situation in France 我們以法國的情況為例 take John (for example) 比方說約翰
    • 18. 接受; 接納 to take advice 接受建議 to take a job 接受工作
    • 19. 收入 the shop takes £2,500 a week 這家商店每週的贏利為2,500英鎊
    • 20. 認可 I take your point 我認可你的觀點
    • 21. 承受 can the ropes take the strain? 這些繩子能承受住拉力嗎? go on, tell me: I can take it! 說下去,告訴我:我扛得住!
    • 22. 對…作出反應 to take sb./sth. seriously/lightly 認真/輕率地對待某人/某事物 to take sth. well/badly 從容接受某事/對某事想不開
    • 23. 認為; 理解 how am I supposed to take that remark? 那句話我該怎麼理解? to take sth. in isolation 孤立地看待某事
    • 24. 持有 to take the view or attitude that ... 持有…的看法/態度 to take a tough/soft line on sb./sth. 對某人/某事採取強硬/柔和的態度
    • 25. 感到 to take an interest in sth. 對某事物感興趣 don’t take offence at what I said 我的話你別見怪
    • 26. 採取; 採用 to take a shower 沖澡 to take a walk 散步
    • 27. 呈現 our next class will take the form of a debate 我們下一堂課將採用辯論形式
    • 28. 需要 to take sb./sth. a long time/three hours to do sth. 某人/某物做某事需要很長時間/三小時 it’ll take time for her to recover from the illness 她要過很長時間才能康復
    • 29. 使用
    • 30. 穿 she takes a size 12/a size 10 in shoes 她穿12號衣服/10號鞋
    • 31. 容納 the bus can take 60 passengers 這輛公共汽車可載60名乘客 the tank takes 50 litres 這個桶能裝50升
    • 32. 教授; 學習; 參加 who takes you for French? 誰給你上法語課? he took lessons in Arabic 他上過阿拉伯語課
    • 33. 獲得
    • 34. 主持
    • 35. 乘; 運送 this bus will take you to the station 坐這輛公共汽車可以到車站
    • 36. 取道; 把…引向 to take the first (on the) left/right 在第一個路口左轉/右轉 to take the coast road 走沿海公路
    • 37. 使…去 his work takes him to many different countries 他常去不同的國家出差 what took you to Paris? 你怎麼會去巴黎的?
    • 38. 翻越; 繞過 he takes the corners with no concern for his own safety 他急轉彎時不顧自己的安危
    • 39. 踢; 擲 to take a penalty/free kick/corner/throw-in 主罰點球/主罰任意球/開角球/擲界外球
    • 40. 進行
    • 41. 與…連用
    • 42. 與…性交
    • 43. 娶; 嫁給
    • 44.


    • 1. 費時 how long will it take? 它需要多長時間? it does not take long to do sth. 做某事不需要很長時間
    • 2. 奏效 the dye won't take in cold water 這種染料在冷水中染色效果不理想
    • 3. 成活 the skin graft failed to take 移植的皮膚沒能成活
    • 4. 咬鉤


    • 1. (一次)錄音; (一次)拍攝 they shot the scene in one take 這個鏡頭他們一次就拍好了 ‘it's a take!’ “一次過!”
    • 2. 看法; 闡釋 a take on sth. 對某事物的看法 a new take on the Romeo and Juliet story 《羅密歐與朱麗葉》故事新解
    • 3. 收入額 to be on the take 受賄
    • 4. 捕撈量; 捕獵量


    1. lay hold of (something) with one's hands; reach for and hold

    2. capture or gain possession of by force or military means

    3. dispossess someone of (something); steal or illicitly remove

    4. occupy (a place or position)

    5. rent (a house)

    6. use as an instance or example in support of an argument

    7. regularly buy or subscribe to (a particular newspaper or periodical)

    8. ascertain by measurement or observation

    9. write down

    10. remove (someone or something) from a particular place

    11. subtract

    12. carry or bring with one; convey

    13. accompany or guide (someone) to a specified place

    14. use as a route or a means of transport

    15. accept or receive (someone or something)

    16. understand or accept as valid


    「1. lay hold of (something) with one's hands; reach for and hold」的反義字

    「2. capture or gain possession of by force or military means」的反義字

    「3. dispossess someone of (something); steal or illicitly remove」的反義字

    「4. remove (someone or something) from a particular place」的反義字

    「5. subtract」的反義字

    「6. accept or receive (someone or something)」的反義字

    「7. act on (an opportunity)」的反義字

    • pt
    • take的動詞過去式
    • take的名詞複數
    • take的過去式


    • 拿,取走


    • ph.
      脫去(衣物) He took off his wet shoes. 他脫掉打溼了的鞋子。 He took off his hat and bowed politely as he passed. 當他經過時他脫掉帽子並且很有禮貌地鞠了一躬。
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    • vt.
      拿,取;握,抱 She took his outstretched hand. 她握住他伸出的手。 She took a piece of paper and began to write a letter. 她拿了一張紙,開始寫起信來。
    • vi.
    • n.
    • 拿,拿起,拿走,攜帶


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