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  1. then

    • IPA[ðen]



    • adv.
      當時; 到那時;然後
    • adj.
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    • 1. 當時; 到那時 we were living in Dublin then 我們那時住在都柏林 people were idealistic then 當時人們耽於空想
    • 2. 然後 wash, then slice finely 先清洗,然後切成薄片 then came the big news 接著傳來了重大新聞
    • 3. 那麼 I saw them if not yesterday, then the day before 我不是在昨天就是在前天見到過他們 if it's a problem for you, then say so 如果這對你是個問題的話,那就直說吧
    • 4. 總之 these, then, are the results of the policy 總之,這些就是這一政策的結果 overall then it would seem that ... 而總體上看似乎…
    • 5. 而且 and then there's the cost to consider 況且還要考慮成本
    • 6. 另外 she's good, but then so is he 她不錯,可他也一樣好 he looks anxious, but then (again) he always does 他看上去很焦急,不過他一貫如此


    • 1. 當時的 the then mayor of New York, Mr X 當時的紐約市市長某某先生 they took over the then state-owned sugar factory 他們接管了那家當時屬國有的糖廠
    • ph.
      (用以引出要說的話以提出建議或徵詢回應)那麼 Now then, why don't you volunteer? 那你為什麼不自告奮勇呢? Now then, are there any comments on this report? 喂, 對這個報告有什麼意見嗎?
    • ph.
      甚至到那時 Even then he wouldn't admit his errors. 甚至到那時他還不肯認錯。
    • ph.
      這是怎麼回事?; 這是什麼意思?
    • ph.
      怎麼辦 I left my key in the room. Then what shall I do? 我把鑰匙忘在屋裡了, 我該怎麼辦? You are interested in nothing. Then what do you expect of life? 你對什麼都沒有興趣, 那麼你希望生活給予你什麼?
    • ph.
      (用以談起另一方面的情況)但另一方面, 然而 He's clumsy and untidy but then he's always willing to help. 他笨手笨腳又邋遢; 可是話說回來, 他總是樂於助人。 The villa is beautiful, but then, I expected nothing less. 別墅很美, 不過話又說回來, 這也是意料中事。
    • ph.
      從那時以來 I have not been much in this country since then. 自從那時以來我待在那個國家的時候不多。
    • ph.
      就在那時 Just then he noticed a small public house at the far end of the street. 就在那時他看到了街盡頭的一個小酒吧。
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    • adv.
      那時,當時 He worked in that factory then. 他那時在那個工廠工作。
    • adj.
      當時的[B] The rule was laid down by the then chairman of the committee. 那條規章是當時的委員會主席訂下的。
    • n.
      那時,當時[U] We waited for him till then. 我們等他等到那個時候。
    • 當時,到那時