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  1. to

    • IPA[tuː]



    • prep.
    • adv.
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    • 1. to travel from place to place 四處奔波 to the country/town 到鄉下/城裡
    • 2. to fall to the ground 落到地上 trains to and from Oxford 進出牛津的列車
    • 3. give the book to Sophie 把書給索菲 she's given the meat to the dog 她把肉餵狗了
    • 4. the meadows lead down to the river 草坪一直延伸到河邊 her hair fell to her waist 她的頭髮垂至腰間
    • 5. 位於…方向 to the left/right of sth. 在某物的左側/右邊 40 miles to the south of the site 該地點以南40英里處
    • 6. 緊挨 holding the letter to his chest 他把信攥在胸口 back to back 背靠背
    • 7. 在…之前 it's five to ten 現在10點差5分 how long is it to lunch? 還有多久吃午餐?
    • 8. attach this rope to the front of the car 把這根繩子繫在汽車前部 he had a name tag attached to his lapel 他上衣翻領上貼了一張姓名標籤
    • 9. to be devoted to one's family 深愛家庭 be nice to your brother 對你弟弟好一點
    • 10. 關於 what's it to you? 關你甚麼事? a threat to world peace 對世界和平的威脅
    • 11. I prefer walking to climbing 我喜歡散步勝過登山 we won by three goals to two 我們以3比2獲勝
    • 12. 等於; 每 there are 2.54 centimetres to an inch 1英寸等於2.54釐米 to do 30 miles to the gallon 每加侖汽油跑30英里
    • 13. 向…表示敬意 a monument to the soldiers who died in the war 陣亡士兵紀念碑 to Jean 獻給瓊
    • 14. 為…專用 a room to myself 我自己的房間
    • 15. 為了給 people rushed to her rescue 人們衝上前去救她
    • 16. 伴隨 they danced to the music 他們隨音樂起舞 to the sound of the drums 伴著鼓點聲
    • 17. 與…一致 it isn’t to my taste 這不對我的口味 is the map to scale? 這張地圖符合比例嗎?
    • 18. 按…的看法 to my daughter, it's just a minor problem 對我女兒來說,這只是個小問題 it looks to me like rain 我看像是要下雨了
    • 19. to his dismay/surprise 令他驚愕/驚訝的是


    • 1. 關上 push the door to 推門關上 when the curtains are to 幕簾拉上時
    • ph.
      (使)抵達; 把...送到 When we got to the airport, the plane had already taken off. 我們到達機場時, 飛機已經起飛了。
    • ph.
      轉向 As he turned to me I noticed that he had a scar on his face. 當他轉向我時, 我注意到他臉上有個疤。
    • ph.
      開始工作(或打架、吃東西等) They fell to with a good appetite. 他們開始津津有味地大吃起來。
    • ph.
      (往事等)再現; 重新想起 Our first meeting often recurs to me/my mind. 我們初次見面的情形時常浮現於我的腦海。 Old memories often recurred to him. 往事常常重新浮現在他的心頭。
    • ph.
      He subscribed to a number of journals concerned with his subject. 他訂了大量的有關他這個題目的雜誌。
    • ph.
      根據, 按照 Please arrange the books according to size. 請按大小將書分類。 He will be punished according to the seriousness of his crime. 他將據其罪行的輕重受到處罰。
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    • prep.
      向,往,到 She lives in the house to the right. 她住在右邊的房子裡。 This road leads to Paris. 這條路通往巴黎。
    • adv.
    • KK[tu]
    • DJ[tu:]


    • prep.
      (與原形動詞一起)構成不定詞 The government offered to give us financial help. 政府提出在經濟上給我們援助。 To gossip about others isn't right. 說閒話是不對的。
    • 到,向,往