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  1. turn on

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    • 1. 打開 He sat down at the wheel of his car and turned on the ignition. 他坐在汽車駕駛盤前, 發動了引擎。 Shall I turn on the bath for you? 我給你放浴水好嗎?
    • 2. 取決於... The question turns on what approach you take. 問題取決於你採用什麼方法。 The normalization of the relations between the two countries turns on this point. 兩國關係的正常化取決於這一點。
    • 3. (使)高興或興奮 The boy turned on at the sight of the fall. 孩子一看到大瀑布便激動起來。





    • n.
      令人興奮的事物; 令人興奮的人 to be a total turn-on 非常刺激 he's a real turn-on 他真性感
    • n.
      【俚】刺激 The dance show was a real turn-on; we went back several times. 那舞蹈表演非常令人興奮;我們已經看過很多次了。
    • ph.
      【口】使某人激動或興奮(尤指性慾方面) Jazz has never really turned me on. 我從未對爵士樂真正產生過興趣。
    • ph.
      即將改變或另走一條路 His luck is on the turn. 他時來運轉了。 This milk is on the turn 這牛奶快要變酸了。
    • ph.
      以某事物為主要議題 The discussion turned on the need for better public health care. 討論的主要議題是必須改善大眾保健服務。 The success of a picnic usually turns on the weather. 參加野餐是否盡興, 通常要看天氣好壞。
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    • vt.
      打開; 啟動 I've turned the water on for a bath 我已經開始放洗澡水了 to turn on the charm/flattery 施展魅力/開始奉承
    • vi.
      打開; 開啟 I've set the oven to turn on at half past six 我已經把烤箱設定在6點半啟動


    • ph.
      打開;發動 Will you turn on the radio? 你打開收音機好嗎?


    • ph.
      打開;發動 Will you turn on the radio? 你打開收音機好嗎?
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