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  1. 手機

    • zhuyin[ㄕㄡˇㄐㄧ]
    • pinyin[shouji]
    • [Telecommunication] cell phone; cellular phone; cellular telephone; mobile phone (a mobile communications facility having radio transmission and telephone switching capabilities that provide communication between mobile users. This technique reuses mobile frequencies in nonadjacent geographical areas or cells to greatly expand total system capacity.);[Telecommunication] handset (a telephone with the receiver and transmitter contained in a single hand-held unit)
    • 相關詞
    • mobile roaming; mobile phone roaming; roaming service; roaming call
    • curved surface mobile phone
    • smart phone credit card
    • Robohon
    • solar-powered cell phone
    • feature phone
    • knock-off cell phones; shanzhai phones; copy phones
    • ring tone; ringtone (a sequence of sounds and tones alerting you of an incoming call, which is ...
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    • pinying[shou3 ji1]
    • cell phone