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  1. after

    • IPA[ˈɑːftə(r)]



    • conj.
    • prep.
    • adv.
    • npl.
    • adv
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    • 1. 在…以後 after we left, we realized we had forgotten to say thank you 我們離開後才意識到忘了道謝
    • 2. 鑒於 why did he do that after we'd warned him ? 我們警告過他,可他為甚麼還要那樣做? after you explained the situation, they didn't call the police 由於你解釋了這個情況,他們才沒有報警


    • 1. 在…以後 the day after tomorrow 後天 the week after next 下下週
    • 2. 在…後面 to run after sb./sth. 追趕某人/某物 please shut the gate after you 請隨手關上大門
    • 3. 由於 I'll never forgive him after what he said 他竟然這樣說,為此我永遠也不會原諒他
    • 4. 儘管 after what she's been through, she's still interested? 經歷了這些之後,她仍然有興趣嗎?
    • 5. 與…對照 it's boring here after Paris 與巴黎相比,這裡很乏味
    • 6. 次於 after you! 您先請! after you with the paper 報紙你看完後給我看
    • 7. 向著…的背影 ‘don't forget!’ Mary called after her “別忘了!”瑪麗在她背後喊道
    • 8. 緊隨…之後 I'm not tidying up after you! 別讓我跟在你屁股後面收拾!
    • 9. 在追尋 the police are after him 警方正在追捕他 it's me he's after 他要報復的人是我
    • 10. 在…的那邊; 去…的那邊 about 400 metres after the crossroads 十字路口過去約400米
    • 11. 關於 to ask after sb. 問候某人
    • 12. 以…的名字 to name a child after sb. 以某人的名字給孩子取名
    • 13. 以…為模仿對象 it's a painting after Klee 這是一幅模仿克利的畫
    • 14. 晚於 it's twenty after eleven 現在是11點20分


    • 1. 之後 the week/year after 下一週/年 we left the day after 我們於翌日離開
    • 2. 以後 for weeks after 後來幾個星期 right after 緊接著


    • 1. 餐後甜食 there's fruit salad for afters 甜點是水果色拉


    • 1. 要知道 after all, nobody forced you to leave 別忘了,沒人強迫你離開 he should have paid: he suggested it after all 該付款的是他:本來就是他的提議
    • 2. 終究 he decided not to stay after all 他畢竟還是決定不留下


    1. in the time following (an event or another period of time)

    2. behind

    3. in pursuit or quest of

    4. next to and following in order or importance

    5. in allusion to (someone or something with the same or a related name)

    6. in imitation of


    「1. in the time following (an event or another period of time)」的反義字

    「2. behind」的反義字

    「3. in pursuit or quest of」的反義字

    「4. next to and following in order or importance」的反義字

    • pref.
      (構成形容詞)表示……之後的(如:an after-dinner speech一篇餐後講話,after-tax profit稅後利潤)
    • ph.
      照顧, 照看 What are you looking after? 你在找什麼? He's good at looking after his own interests. 他很會照顧自己的利益。
    • ph.
      追在...的後面叫喊 That student called after the departing teacher. 那位學生對著離去的老師叫喊。
    • ph.
      在...之後 Summer comes after spring. 夏天在春天之後。
    • ph.
      畢竟, 終究, 歸根結底 So you've come after all! 你到底還是來了! After all, what does it matter? 歸根結底, 那有什麼關係呢?
    • ph.
    • ph.
      放學後 Kevin often goes to David's house after school. 克文放學後時常去大衛的家。
    • ph.
      晚飯之後 What will you do after dinner this evening? 今晚晚飯後你將做什麼事?
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    • KK[ˋæftɚ]
    • DJ[ˋɑ:ftə]


    • prep.
      在……以後 After graduation he went abroad. 畢業後他去了國外。 At half after ten it began to rain. 在十點半下起雨來。
    • conj.
      在……之後 I will tell you after they leave. 他們走後我再告訴你。
    • adv.
      以後,之後 They arrived shortly after. 不久以後他們抵達了。
    • adj.
      以後的 His health was declining in after years. 在以後的歲月,他的健康不斷衰退。