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  1. again

    • IPA[əˈgeɪn]



    • adv.
    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞


    • 1. 再一次 when will I see you again? 我甚麼時候能再見到你? not again! 怎麼又是這樣!
    • 2. 而且 again, there are striking differences 再說了,差異十分顯著 again, you may think that more could have been done 此外,你可能認為本來可以做得更多
    • 3. 另一方面 then or there again 不過


    1. another time; once more

    2. in addition to what has already been mentioned

    3. used to introduce a further point for consideration, supporting or contrasting with what has just been said

    • ph.
      重新考慮情況並改變想法或意圖 If you think I'm going to lend you my car you can think again! 你要是以為我能把汽車借給你, 你還是另打主意吧!
    • ph.
      (在一度緊張、恐懼或努力之後)恢復平靜或安下心來, 鬆口氣 Now my debts are paid I can breathe again. 現在我已還清欠債, 可以鬆口氣了。
    • ph.
      【口】(因未聽懂或難以置信, 要求某人重復一遍時使用)再說一遍 She's an entomologist. Come again? An entomologist -- she studies insects. “她是昆蟲學家。” “請再說一遍。”“她是昆蟲學家--她研究昆蟲。”
    • ph.
      再一次 I'll tell you how to do it once again. 我再告訴你一次怎麼做。 Amanda is home from college once again. 阿曼達又從學校回到家中。
    • ph.
      (強調)再; 再一次 Yet again we can see the results of hasty decision-making. 我們可以再一次看到倉促作出決定的後果。
    • ph.
      重新 He did the work so badly that I had to do it all over again myself. 他做得太糟了, 我只好自己重新做。
    • adj.
      再生的 a born-again Christian 皈依基督教的人
    • adj.
      【主美】再生的;重生的;自新的 She's also just been born-again! 她也剛剛重生了一樣!
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    • KK[əˋgɛn]
    • DJ[əˋgen]


    • adv.
      再,再一次 Would you say that again? 請你再說一遍好嗎?