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  1. agree with

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      吻合, 一致;(尤用於否定句或疑問句)適合(某人的身體或胃口)
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    • 1. 吻合, 一致 This picture does not agree very well with the original. 這張畫與原來的不甚相似。 The verb agrees with its subject in number and person. 在數與人稱方面, 動詞必須與其主詞一致。
    • 2. (尤用於否定句或疑問句)適合(某人的身體或胃口) The food that he had eaten didn't agree with him. 他所吃的食物對他不甚相宜。 The humid climate didn't agree with him. 那潮濕的氣候對他不合適。


    吻合, 一致


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