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  1. along

    • IPA[əˈlɒŋ]



    • adv.
    • prep.
      沿著; 沿著…的某處
    • prep
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    • 1. 向前 to push/pull sth. along 向前推/拉某物 our house is two doors along 往前過去兩個門就是我們的房子
    • 2. 一起 to ask/invite sb. along 叫/邀請某人一起去 to take sth. along 帶上某物
    • 3. 到某處; 在某處 she'll be along shortly 她一會兒就到 there'll be another bus along in half an hour 過半個小時還會來一輛公共汽車


    • 1. 沿著; 沿著…的某處 cottages along the riverbank 河岸上的小屋 to walk along the beach 沿海灘散步


    • 1. 與…一起 the President boarded the helicopter along with two bodyguards 總統與兩名保鏢一起登上了直升機
    • 2. 與…同時 he was convicted along with two others 他和另外兩人被同時定罪


    1. moving in a constant direction on (a more or less horizontal surface)

    2. used to refer to the passage of time or the making of progress

    3. extending in a more or less horizontal line on

    4. in or into company with others

    • ph.
      一起來 He came along with us. 他與我們一起來的。
    • ph.
      離開某地 It's time we were getting along. 是我們該走的時候了。
    • ph.
      (尤用於as之後)進行下一項活動; 繼續 You may have some difficulty at first but you'll find it easier as you go along. 初時可能有些困難, 繼續做下去就會覺得容易多了。 He made the story up as he went along. 他說的內容是現講現編的。
    • ph.
      隨身攜帶 Don't forget to carry your passport along with you. 別忘了把護照帶在身邊。
    • ph.
      【口】勉強對付過去; (制度等)勉強繼續存在 She was able to rub along by giving English lessons. 她靠教英文勉強維持生活。
    • ph.
      往前走 Move along, please, said the bus conductor. “請往裡走走, ” 公共汽車售票員說。
    • ph.
      和...一道 We must have sth. to eat along with rice. 我們必須有些東西和米飯一起吃。
    • ph.
      【口】(用以叫某人, 尤指小孩)離開, 走開 Run along now, children, I'm busy. 走開吧, 孩子們, 我正忙著呢。
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    • KK[əˋlɔŋ]
    • DJ[əˋlɔŋ]


    • prep.
      沿著;順著 I was driving my car along a muddy path. 我沿著泥濘的小路開車。
    • adv.
      向前 He sang loudly as he walked along. 他邊向前走邊大聲唱著歌。