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  1. and

    • IPA[ənd]



    • conj.
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    • 1. ham and eggs 火腿蛋 a knife and fork 一副刀叉
    • 2. 2 and 2 is or makes 4 2加2等於4
    • 3. 然後 I got up and opened the door 我起來開了門
    • 4. 因此 tell the truth and I'll believe you 你說實話我就相信你
    • 5. 但是 you like classical music and I like rock 你喜歡古典音樂,而我喜歡搖滾樂
    • 6. 為了 to come/go and do sth. 來/去做某事
    • 7. I haven't got pen and paper 我沒有紙筆
    • 8. 而且 and he didn't even say thank you! 而且他竟然沒說聲謝謝!
    • 9. 那麼 I found the letter in her bag — and did you open it? 我在她的包裡找到了這封信──那麼你拆開了嗎? I'm the new teacher — and? 我是新來的老師──然後呢?
    • abbr.
      = of moderate speed 【義】中速的
    • abbr.
      = Andorra
    • ph.
      等等 I'm not an artist but I love paintings, sculptures and that. 我不是個藝術家, 但是我喜歡畫和雕塑品等等。
    • ph.
      在...之間 Mary is sitting between you and me. 瑪麗正坐在你我之間。 That important basketball game will be played between a Chinese and an American team. 那場重要的籃球比賽將是中華隊出賽美國隊。
    • ph.
      宜人地 nice and warm by the fire 在火邊暖烘烘的 nice and cool in the woods 森林裡涼爽宜人
    • ph.
      【口】(表示強調或譏諷)當然啦!, 那還用說!, 可不是! He's done very well, hasn't he? And how! “他幹得好極了, 對嗎?”“那還用說!” And am I happy? And how! 問我幸福嗎?當然幸福。
    • ph.
      非常; 完全 I'm good and ready. 我都準備好了。
    • ph.
      也, 包括, 而且 The wind blew everything off the table, tablecloth and all. 風把桌子上的所有東西連桌布都吹掉了。
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    • conj.
      和,及,與,同;又 They sang and danced all night. 他們通宵唱歌跳舞。 My mother and father have never agreed on this matter. 我父母在這件事情上從未意見一致過。