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      對(某事物)負責, 為(某事物)受責;代表某人(或支持某事物)而講話
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    • 1. 對(某事物)負責, 為(某事物)受責 He has a lot to answer for. 他要負責很多事情。 You will have to answer for your crimes one day. 你總有一天要因為你的罪行而得到報應的。
    • 2. 代表某人(或支持某事物)而講話 I agree but I can't answer for my colleagues. 我同意, 但是我不能代表我的同事們。 Knowing her well I can certainly answer for her honesty. 我很了解她, 當然能擔保她誠實。


    對(某事物)負責, 為(某事物)受責