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  1. as

    • IPA[æz]



    • prep.
    • conj.
    • adv.
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    • 1. 作為 he works as a pilot/an engineer 他的職業是飛行員/工程師 my rights as a parent 我作為家長的權力
    • 2. 如同 to be dressed as a sailor 打扮得像個水手 to be disguised as a clown 裝扮成小丑
    • 3. 關於 this gave them no clue as to his motives 他們並未因此獲得任何有關他動機的線索
    • 4. 至於 as for him, he can go to hell 他嘛,讓他見鬼去吧
    • 5. 和…相比 the figure was 75% this year, as against 35% last year 與去年的35%相比,今年的數字為75%


    • 1. 以…方式 he likes reading, as I do 他像我一樣,喜歡閱讀 as you know 正如你所知
    • 2. 當…時 as she grew older, she grew richer 她越老越富有 as a student, I had strong left-wing views 我當學生的時候有強烈的左派觀點
    • 3. 因為 as it's Sunday, the smaller shops are shut 由於是星期天,小店鋪都關門了 as she is sick, she cannot go out 她病了,所以不能外出
    • 4. 儘管 clever as he is, he is still inexperienced 他雖然聰明,但還缺乏經驗 be that as it may 儘管如此
    • 5. 如同 the same ... as 同…一樣… the same man as I saw last week 我上週見到的那個人
    • 6. 為了 so as to do sth. 以便做某事 so as not to wake him 以免把他吵醒


    • 1. 像…一樣 they tried to carry on as before 他們試圖像往常一樣繼續下去 I thought as much! 我原本也這麼想!


    • 1. 當…時 as and when the need arises 一旦有需要 drop in as and when you want 你隨時可以過來坐坐
    • 2. 似乎 it seems as if she was right all along 好像她一直都是對的 it looks as if we've lost/won 我們看上去輸了/贏了


    1. used to indicate that something happens during the time when something else is taking place

    2. used to indicate by comparison the way that something happens or is done

    3. used to add or interject a comment relating to the statement of a fact

    4. because; since

    5. even though

    6. used to refer to the function or character that someone or something has

    • abbr.
      = Asia
    • = ad-(綴於s字母前)
    • ph.
      【文】(用作複合連詞)正當; 恰恰 The telephone rang even as he was going out. 他剛要外出, 電話鈴響了。 Even as he shouted the warning the car skidded. 就在他高喊注意的時候, 汽車滑動了。
    • ph.
      像; 諸如; 例如 Wild flowers such as orchids and primroses are becoming rare. 蘭花和報春花之類的野花越來越少了。
    • ph.
      根據, 取決於 We will play golf or stay home according as the weather is good or bad. 我們是去打高爾夫球還是呆在家裡取決於天氣是好是壞。
    • ph.
      充當, 擔任 He acted as manager. 他充當經理。 I don't understand their language, you'll have to act as interpreter. 我不懂他們的語言, 你得當翻譯了。
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    • KK[æz]
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    • adv.
      跟……一樣地,同樣地 Sam is as rich as Alexander. 山姆像亞歷山大一樣富有。
    • prep.
      作為,以……的身分 She works as an interpreter in that company. 她在該公司裡擔任翻譯員。
    • conj.
      像……一樣;依照;像 You ought to do as Paul tells you. 你應按照保羅吩咐的做。 The work is not so difficult as you imagine. 這工作不像你想像的那麼困難。
    • pron.
      (與such, the same, as等連用,引導關係子句)與……相同的事物(或人) He has earned as much money as I have. 他賺的錢和我賺的一樣多。 She felt just the same as he did. 她和他的感受相同。


    • abbr.
      = Anglo-Saxon
    • A的名詞複數