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  1. as

    • KK[æz]
    • DJ[æz]


    • adv.
    • prep.
    • conj.
    • pron.
      (與such, the same, as等連用,引導關係子句)與……相同的事物(或人);(引導子句,對前述內容作補充)本情況,該事實
    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 跟……一樣地,同樣地 Sam is as rich as Alexander. 山姆像亞歷山大一樣富有。
    • 2. 如同;例如 Such animals as foxes and squirrels have bushy tails. 有些動物,如狐和松鼠,有蓬鬆的尾巴。


    • 1. 作為,以……的身分 She works as an interpreter in that company. 她在該公司裡擔任翻譯員。
    • 2. 當作 She didn't think much of him as a painter. 她對他作為一位畫家評價不高。
    • 3. 像;如同 The old woman was dressed as a young lady. 這位老婦人打扮得像一位年輕人。


    • 1. 像……一樣;依照;像 You ought to do as Paul tells you. 你應按照保羅吩咐的做。 The work is not so difficult as you imagine. 這工作不像你想像的那麼困難。
    • 2. 當……時 As she left the room she remembered that book. 她離開房間時想起了那本書。
    • 3. 隨著 As the sun rose the fog dispersed. 太陽一出來,霧隨之消失。
    • 4. 因為 We didn't know what to do as we were just visiting there. 我們不知道該怎麼辦,因為當時我們僅僅在那裡作訪問。
    • 5. 雖然 Tired as he was, he sat up late. 他雖然疲倦,可仍然很晚才睡。


    • 1. (與such, the same, as等連用,引導關係子句)與……相同的事物(或人) He has earned as much money as I have. 他賺的錢和我賺的一樣多。 She felt just the same as he did. 她和他的感受相同。
    • 2. (引導子句,對前述內容作補充)本情況,該事實 She has married again, as was expected. 她已再婚,這是意料中的事。 We are tired, as anyone can see. 我們累了,這是有目共睹的。


    ad. & conj. 類似的

    ad. & conj. 例如

    ad. & conj. 看成

    ad. & conj. 同時

    ad. & conj. 因為