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  1. away

    • IPA[əˈweɪ]



    • adv.
      不在;在…距離處; 間隔…的時間
    • adj.
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    • 1. 不在 I have to be away by 10 我10點鐘之前一定要走 to be away 缺勤
    • 2. 在…距離處; 間隔…的時間 50m away 50米之外 stand away from the edge 遠離邊沿
    • 3. 向別處 to crawl away 爬走 to drive away 駕車離開
    • 4. 在客場


    • 1. 在客場的 the away team 客隊
    • 2. 醉酒的 to be well away 酩酊大醉


    1. to or at a distance from a particular place or person

    2. conceptually to one side, so as no longer to be the focus of attention

    3. into an appropriate place for storage or safekeeping

    4. into non-existence

    • ph.
      逃跑, 出走 Don't bother me while I'm reading; run away and play. 我讀書的時候不要打擾我; 走開去玩。 Don't run away. I shan't eat you. 不要躲避我, 我又不吃你。
    • ph.
      拿走, 搬走 She carried the rubbish away. 她把垃圾搬走。
    • ph.
      趕走; 把...打發走; 使離去 Please, send that beggar away. I have no money for him. 請把那個要飯的趕走, 我沒有錢給他。 I soon sent the salesman away, as I was not interested in what he was selling. 我一會就把推銷員打發走了, 因為我對他推銷的商品不感興趣。
    • ph.
      贈送; 分發 She gave away all her money to the poor. 她把錢都送給窮人了。 He gave away most of his money to charity. 他把大部分錢都捐贈給慈善事業了。
    • ph.
      終止, 停止 As soon as the sun comes out, the mist will pass away. 太陽一出來, 霧就會消失。
    • ph.
      變小; 變少; 變弱 The actor's voice tailed away as he forgot his lines. 那演員忘了台詞, 說話的聲音越來越小了。
    • ph.
      走開, 離開 I was too busy to get away. 我忙得脫不開身。
    • ph.
      震驚, 驚愕; 打敗
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    • KK[əˋwe]
    • DJ[əˋwei]


    • adv.
      離開[(+from)] He hasn't been away from home before. 以前他從沒有離開過家。