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  1. be good at


    • ph.
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    • ph.
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    • What food is good at Tai O?

      在大澳,最出名的食物包括各種海鮮食物,海味產品,蝦醬等。你不妨在中環港外線碼頭乘船到大澳一遊,便會享受當地的美食! You may go to Tai O by ferry in Central District one day and enjoy the sea food and sauces in Tai O.

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      1.Mark is good at swimming and running...he can do his (best)at the interview. 3.Mr ...a (lofty)school in the 1950s.It was a (noble)school so his salary was...

    • is that correct in grammer? talk about the advantage OF the logistic part. The advantage of the event WAS good AT handling timing. When the participants were...