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  1. be good for


    • ph.
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    • ph. 這海岸平原適於耕種嗎

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    • ph.
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    • Why it is good to have a NET teacher at school ?

      ... teachers are good for the especially hard subject for them. ...all Asian people were the best, actually...teacher may not be a good teacher. (As ...

    • adjective pattern for&that(急)

      ...own good. (For之後跟noun) Studying is something (that/which) is good for you. (That[在此情況可以用which]之後跟clause[句子]) I want to know...

    • Why is vegetable good to us?

      Why is vegetable good for us ? 1. Different vegetable has ...能力, 因而不易引起感冒,即使感冒。) It is easy for us to recover from cold if we eat more vegetable. (6...