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  1. be real


    • ph.
      理智的,現實的(也作 get real)
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    • 點解students唔使加 ' ?

      All the error samples are real – they were produced by Hong ...several more examples to illustrate my point - may be some other time! Also, it would be wrong to add an apostrophe...

    • 英文real & really作副詞分別 ?

      People normally use the word [really] as the adverb of [real]. [real] is usually an adjective and is used as an adverb by native Americans and Scots, and this is sometimes regarded as an informal usage.

    • non-fiction book有咩好過fiction?

      - non-fiction is real such as on the character or the background - fiction is not a true story - non-fiction can be in long series - fiction is usually in short series