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  1. better

    • IPA[ˈbetə(r)]



    • adj.
      更好的; 更吸引人的; 更愉快的;好轉的; 緩解的; 痊癒的
    • adv.
    • n.
    • vt.
      超越; 超過; 打破;改善; 提高
    • 過去式:bettered 過去分詞:bettered 現在分詞:bettering

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    • 1. 更好的; 更吸引人的; 更愉快的 nothing could be better! 再好不過了! the weather's no better 天氣根本沒有好轉
    • 2. 好轉的; 緩解的; 痊癒的 to be/get better 康復/正在康復 to make sb./sth. better 治好某人/某種疾病
    • 3. 更能幹的 to be a better swimmer than sb. 比某人更會游泳 to be a better actor than a dancer 更擅長演戲而不是跳舞
    • 4. 更合適的 have you got a better suggestion? 你有更高明的建議嗎? to be better for sth./doing sth. 更適合某事/做某事
    • 5. 更有益的 to be better for sb./sth. 對某人/某事物更有益 swimming is better for you than jogging 對你來說,游泳比慢跑更好
    • 6. 更準確的 to be a better likeness/match 更像/更相配 to keep better time 走時更準
    • 7. 更多的; 更大的; 更高的


    • 1. 更好地 to fit/behave better than ... 比…更合適/更有禮貌 to be better tempered/mannered 脾氣更好/更有禮貌
    • 2. 更恰當地 you would be better advised to leave now 你最好現在離開 he is better left alone 還是別打擾他


    • 1. 更好的狀況 to deserve/expect/hope for better 應該/期望/希望更好 a change or turn for the better 好轉
    • 2. 優越地位 to get the better of sb./sth. 佔某人/某事物的上風 curiosity/the problem got the better of her 她抑制不住好奇心/這個問題把她難倒了


    • 1. 超越; 超過; 打破 to better one's rival's performance/offer 表現/出價超過對手
    • 2. 改善; 提高


    1. more desirable, satisfactory, or effective

    2. more appropriate, advantageous, or well advised

    3. partly or fully recovered from illness, injury, or mental stress


    「1. more desirable, satisfactory, or effective」的反義字

    「2. more appropriate, advantageous, or well advised」的反義字

    「3. partly or fully recovered from illness, injury, or mental stress」的反義字

    • adj.
      健康的 are you well? 你身體好嗎? how is he? — as well as can be expected 他好嗎?──好極了
    • adv.
      to work/sleep well 工作好/睡得好 he isn't eating very well 他胃口不好
    • excl
      well, really! 啊,真是的! well, who would have thought it! 哎呀,誰會想到那兒去呢!
    • adv
      is he coming as well? 他也來嗎? you know as well as I do ... 你和我一樣清楚…
    • prep
      除…之外 to work on Saturday as well as on Sunday 星期天和星期六都工作 you know as well as I do 你我都知道
    • adj.
      最好的 the best book I've ever read 我讀過的最棒的書 the best thing about sth./doing sth. 某事物/做某事的最大好處
    • adv.
      最出色地; 最高程度地 to behave/sleep best 表現最好/睡得最香 I can manage best on my own 我自己能夠應付裕如
    • n.
      最好的事物 the best of its type or kind 同類中最好的東西 the best of the weather will be in the north 北方將出現極佳的天氣
    • vt.
      勝過 to be bested in an argument 在辯論中被駁倒
    • n.
      水井 to dig/drill/sink a well 挖井/鑽井/掘井
    • vi.
      well up
    • adv.
      很好地;滿意地;成功地 Do the boys eat well at school? 孩子們在學校吃得好嗎?
    • int.
      (表示驚異,懷疑)喲,啊,哎呀 Well, I didn't think to see you here! 哎呀,沒想到會在這兒見到你!
    • adj.
      健康的,健全的,安好的 I'm not well, my head aches. 我不舒服,頭痛。
    • n.[C]
    • vi.
      湧出,湧上 Water wells from a spring beneath the rock. 水從岩石下的泉內湧出。
    • a. (
      最好的;最熟練的;道德最高尚的 I think John's plan is the best. 我認為約翰的方案最好。
    • ad.
      最好地;最適當地;最有效地 I think Friday would suit me best. 我想星期五對我最適合。
    • n.
      最好;最佳[the S] She always wants the best. 她總是要最好的。
    • vt.
      【口】打敗;勝過 Joe was bested in the debate. 喬在辯論中輸了。
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    • n.
    • KK[ˋbɛtɚ]
    • DJ[ˋbetə]


    • a. (
      較佳的;更好的 They wanted better housing. 他們要求更好的住房。
    • ad.
      更好地;更適當地 Try to do better next time. 下次爭取做得更好些。
    • n.
      (人或事物)較優者,較好者[the S] The weather has taken a turn for the better. 天氣已經轉好。
    • vt.
      改善;改進;提高 He had tried hard to better his status, but failed. 他努力設法改善自己的地位,但未能成功。
    • vi.
      變得較好 Working conditions have bettered a lot. 工作條件已大為改善。
    • 較好的,更好的,康復的更好地,更優地,更出色地更好的人或物