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  1. between

    • IPA[bɪˈtwiːn]



    • prep.
    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞


    • 1. 在…之間 there is a wall between the two gardens 兩個花園之間有一堵牆 between the ages of 12 and 18 在12歲和18歲之間
    • 2. 介於…之間 it's between 50 and 60 kilometres away 它距離這裡有50到60公里 something between a novel and an autobiography 介於小說和自傳之間的作品
    • 3. 往返於…之間 flights between Beijing and London 往返於北京和倫敦之間的航班
    • 4. 由…分享 they had only one suitcase between (the three of) them 他們(三人)只有一個手提箱 between (the two of) them they had drunk the whole bottle of wine 他們(兩個)喝了一整瓶酒


    1. at, into, or across the space separating (two objects or regions)

    2. indicating a connection or relationship involving two or more parties

    • ph.
      分開 Anna and Ida are very good friends and nothing can come between them. 安娜和艾達是好朋友, 沒什麼能使她們分開。
    • ph.
      居間調停 He went between two parties. 他為雙方排解糾紛。
    • ph.
      在...之間 Mary is sitting between you and me. 瑪麗正坐在你我之間。 That important basketball game will be played between a Chinese and an American team. 那場重要的籃球比賽將是中華隊出賽美國隊。
    • ph.
      只限於咱們之間 Between ourselves, that young man's hair is much too long. 就咱倆之間說說, 那小伙子的頭髮實在是太長了。
    • vt.
      使失和 don't let this come between us 別因此傷了我們的和氣
    • adj.
      中間的 an in-between colour/state 中間色/中間狀態
    • n.
      媒人; 中間人
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    • KK[bɪˋtwin]
    • DJ[biˋtwi:n]


    • prep.
      (指時間,空間,順序等)在……之間 They planted a lot of trees between the two buildings. 他們在兩座建築物之間栽了許多樹。 These books were written between 1736 and 1770. 這些書寫於一七三六至一七七零年之間。
    • adv.
      在中間;介乎兩者之間 We had a faculty meeting at 2 p.m. and a lecture later, with a 15-minute coffee break between. 午後二時我們開教師會議,而後有一個講座,在此之間我們有十五分鐘喝咖啡休息。
    • 在之間,從…到…,介於…