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  1. bind

    • IPA[bīnd]


    • v.
      tie or fasten (something) tightly;restrain (someone) by tying their hands and feet
    • n.
      a problematical situation;a statutory constraint
    • verb: bind, 3rd person present: binds, gerund or present participle: binding, past tense: bound, past participle: bound

    • 釋義
    • 片語


    • 1. tie or fasten (something) tightly the logs were bound together with ropes the magician bound her wrists with a silk scarf 同義詞 tie, tie up, fasten (together), hold together, secure, ... 更多反義詞 untie, release
    • restrain (someone) by tying their hands and feet the raider then bound and gagged Mr. Glenn
    • wrap (something) tightly her hair was bound up in a towel
    • bandage (a wound) he cleaned the wound and bound it up with a clean dressing they bound his wounds as best they could, using pieces of fabric ripped from their shirts 同義詞 bandage, dress, cover, wrap, swathe, ... 更多
    • (of an object) be encircled by something, typically metal bands, so as to have greater strength an ancient oak chest bound with brass braces
    • 2. cohere or cause to cohere in a single mass mix the flour with the coconut and enough egg white to bind them clay is made up chiefly of tiny soil particles that bind together tightly 同義詞 stick, cohere
    • cause (painting pigments) to form a smooth medium by mixing them with oil use a white that is bound in linseed oil
    • hold by chemical bonding a protein in a form that can bind DNA
    • 3. cause (people) to feel united it's music that has bound us together we have many ties that bind us—historical, cultural, and economical 同義詞 unite, join, bond, knit together, draw together, ... 更多反義詞 separate
    • 4. impose a legal or contractual obligation on a party who signs a document will normally be bound by its terms
    • be hampered or constrained by Sarah did not want to be bound by a rigid timetable 同義詞 constrain, restrict, confine, restrain, tie hand and foot, ... 更多
    • formal make a contractual or enforceable undertaking the government cannot bind itself as to the form of subsequent legislation 同義詞 commit oneself, undertake, give an undertaking, pledge, vow, ... 更多
    • secure (a contract), typically with a sum of money.
    • indenture (someone) as an apprentice he was bound apprentice at the age of sixteen
    • 5. fix together and enclose (the pages of a book) in a cover a small, fat volume, bound in red morocco
    • 6. trim (the edge of a piece of material) with a decorative strip a ruffle with the edges bound in a contrasting color 同義詞 trim, hem, edge, border, fringe, ... 更多
    • 7. (of a quantifier) be applied to (a given variable) so that the variable falls within its scope.
    • 8. (of a rule or set of grammatical conditions) determine the relationship between (coreferential noun phrases).