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  1. bottom out

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    • 1. 【商】(指物價、股票價格等)跌落最低水平 There is no sign that the recession has bottomed out yet. 沒有跡象表明蕭條已經到了極點。
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      崩潰 The bottom has fallen out of the market. 市場崩潰了(生意很蕭條)。 The bottom fell out of his world when his wife died. 他妻子死時, 他的世界陷於崩潰(他的生活失去了意義)。
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      使某事物垮台 It knocked the bottom out of the coffee market. 這一來咖啡的市場價格暴跌。 She knocked the bottom out of our argument. 她把我們的論點駁得體無完膚。
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      降到最低點; 觸底