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  1. bring back

    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 把…帶回來 to bring sth. back from sth. 從某處帶回某物 to bring sth./sb. back with one 帶回某物/某人
    • 2. 恢復 a walk in the country will bring the colour back to your cheeks 到鄉間走一走會使你的面色恢復紅潤 we must try to bring her temperature back to normal 我們必須設法讓她的體溫恢復正常
    • 3. 使人想起 to bring back memories (of sth.) 令人回憶(起某事物)
    • 4. 使…起死回生; 使…蘇醒 to bring sb. back to consciousness/life 使某人恢復知覺/復活