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  1. bring out

    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 取出 to bring sth. out of sth. 從某處取出某物
    • 2. 帶…出來 to bring sth. out of sth. 把某人/某物從某處帶出來 to bring sth. out with one 把某物帶出來
    • 3. 出版; 推出 it's about time they brought out a new edition 他們該出新版本了
    • 4. 使…開放
    • 5. 激發出 to bring out the best/worst in sb. 使某人表現出最佳/最差的一面 disasters like these often bring out the best in people 在這樣的災難中人們往往會表現出最優秀的品質
    • 6. 突出 the carpet brings out the red in the curtains 地毯襯托出窗簾的紅色 to bring out the flavour of the vegetables 使蔬菜出味
    • 7. 揭示 his remarks brought out the gravity of the situation 他的話說明了情況的嚴重性
    • 8. 發動…罷工 to bring sb. out on strike 發動某人罷工
    • 9. 使…自信 to bring sb. out of himself/herself 使某人克服羞怯心理 he's very shy; we're trying to bring him out 他很腼腆,我們正努力使他放開一點