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  1. bring sth. down

    • ph.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 使(飛行器)從空中落下 bring down an enemy fighter 擊落敵人一架戰鬥機
    • 2. 使(飛行器)著陸 The pilot brought his crippled plane down in a field. 駕駛員把失靈的飛機降落在田地裡。
    • 3. 打死或打傷(禽獸) He aimed, fired and brought down the antelope. 他瞄準羚羊射擊, 把它打倒了。
    • 4. 降低或減少某事物 bring down prices, the rate of inflation, the cost of living, etc. 降低價格、通貨膨脹率、生活費用等
    • 5. (數)將(數字)移下