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  1. but that

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      要不是...; 若非...;(用於say, think, conceive等動詞的否定或疑問形式之後)...不是...
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    • 1. 要不是...; 若非... But that you had seen me in the water, I would have drowned. 要不是你看見我掉在水裡, 我早就淹死了。 He would have come with us but that he had no money. 他要不是因為缺錢, 就跟我們一起來了。
    • 2. (用於say, think, conceive等動詞的否定或疑問形式之後)...不是... I don't question but (that) you're telling the truth. 我並不懷疑你所說的是事實。
    • 3. 不同於; 非 Who knows but that what he says is true? We have no proof that he is lying. 誰能知道他說的不是真話?我們沒有證據證明他說謊。