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    by the by
  1. by the way

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    • 1. 順便提起 By the way, what are you doing tomorrow? 順便說說, 你明天做什麼? By the way I have something to tell you. 我順便有一件事要告訴你。
    • 2. 在途中的路邊上 stopped for a picnic by the way 在途中停在路邊野餐



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      按件計酬 He worked in a factory and got paid by the piece. 他在一家工廠工作, 按件計酬。
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      按每件工作 He was paid by the job. 他按件計酬。
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      按日 He got paid by the day. 他按日取酬。
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      在河邊 They changed their minds and are going fishing by the river. 他們改變了心意將去河邊釣魚。
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      到...的時候 By the time we got to the station, the train had already left. 我們到達車站時, 火車已經開了。 By the time you get there it will be dark. 等你到達那裡時, 天就已經黑了。
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      在海邊 I enjoy swimming by the sea more than swimming in a pool. 我喜歡在海邊游泳勝於在游泳池中游泳。 The boy who is standing by the sea is Joe. 站在海灘上的那個男孩是 Joe。
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      按經常規; 照章(行事) Airplane pilots must always fly by the book. 飛行員應按規則飛行。 He did everything by the book. 他一切都按經常規辦。
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      大批大批地; 數以千計 Application letters from all over the country were pouring in by the thousands every week. 每星期有數以千計的申請信從全國各地紛至沓來。
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