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  1. call out

    • ph.
      大聲地喊; 召集
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    • 1. 大聲地喊; 召集 She called out for help. 她呼叫以求幫助。 When the riots began, soldiers were called out to restore peace and order. 騷動起時, 軍隊被召來恢復安寧與秩序。
    • n.
      上門維修 he charges £50 for a call-out 叫他上門維修需付50英鎊 call-out charge/service 上門維修費/服務
    • ph.
      召喚某人(尤指處理緊急事件) call out the fire brigade, troops, guard, etc. 召(集)消防隊、部隊、守衛人員等 Miners were called out on strike by union leaders. 礦工遵照工會領袖的指示舉行罷工。
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    • vt.
      大聲說出 ‘what do you want?’ I called out “你想要甚麼?”我喊道
    • vi.
      大聲呼喊 to call out to sb. 對某人大喊 to call out for sb./sth. 喊著要某人/某事物
    • ph.