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  1. can

    • IPA[kan]


    • modal
      be able to;be able to through acquired knowledge or skill
    • 釋義


    • 1. be able to they can run fast I could hear footsteps
    • be able to through acquired knowledge or skill I can speak Italian
    • have the opportunity or possibility to there are many ways holidaymakers can take money abroad
    • used to express doubt or surprise about the possibility of something's being the case he can't have finished where can she have gone?
    • used to indicate that something is typically the case antique clocks can seem out of place in modern homes he could be very moody
    • 2. be permitted to you can use the phone if you want to nobody could legally drink on the premises
    • 3. used to request someone to do something can you open the window? can't you leave me alone?
    • used to make a suggestion or offer we can have another drink if you like