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  1. cares

    • care的名詞複數
    • 相關詞
    • n.
      小心 take care! 當心! you should take more care over your work 你應該更加用心工作
    • vt.
      想要 to care to do sth. 想要做某事 would you care to sit down? 要不要坐下?
    • vi.
      喜歡 to care about or for sb. 在乎某人 show him that you care 向他表明你在乎他
    • n.
      看護;保護[U] Is he in the doctor's care? 他有醫生治療護理嗎?
    • vi.[W]
      關心;擔心;在乎,介意[(+about/for)] Do you care if I go? 如果我去的話,你不介意吧?
    • vt.
      對……介意,對……計較[+wh-] I don't care what they say. 我不在乎他們說什麼。
    • care的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • abbr.
      = Cooperative for American Remittances to Everywhere 美國援外匯款合作組織
    • U小心,謹慎,注意


    • ph.
      【口】無人關心; 我不管 Who do you think will be the next Prime Minister? Who cares? “你認為下屆首相會是誰呢?” “誰管那個?”
    • ph.
      與某人全然不相干, 不干某人的事 I might as well be dead for all he cares. 我即使死了他也毫不關心。 Her mother may be starving, for all she cares. 她母親可能在挨餓, 她才不管呢。
    • ph.


    • ph.
      喜歡 Would you care for a drink? 你想來點喝的嗎? I don't care for motion pictures. 我不愛好電影。
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