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  1. catch on

    • ph.
      理解; 變得流行;抓牢
    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 理解; 變得流行 Being a foreigner, he did not catch on to the joke. 他是一個外國人, 不能了解這笑話的含義。 I don't quite catch on to what she is saying. 我不太明白她在說些什麼。
    • 2. 抓牢 The girl kept catching on to her mother's skirt. 小女孩一直緊緊地拉著媽媽的裙子。
    • 3. 流行 It is a nice song and I think it will catch on quickly. 這首歌很好, 我想它會很快流行起來。


    理解; 變得流行