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  1. chafe

    • IPA[tʃeɪf]


    • v.
      (with reference to a part of the body) make or become sore by rubbing against something;(of an object) rub abrasively against another
    • n.
      wear or damage caused by rubbing;a state of annoyance
    • verb: chafe, 3rd person present: chafes, gerund or present participle: chafing, past tense: chafed, past participle: chafed

    • noun: chafe, plural noun: chafes

    • 釋義
    • 片語



    • 1. wear or damage caused by rubbing to prevent chafe the ropes should lie flat
    • 2. archaic a state of annoyance into what an unprofitable chafe you have put yourself!