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  1. chance

    • IPA[tʃɑːns]


    • n.
      a possibility of something happening;the probability of something desirable happening
    • adj.
      fortuitous; accidental
    • v.
      do something by accident or without intending to;find or see by accident
    • verb: chance, 3rd person present: chances, gerund or present participle: chancing, past tense: chanced, past participle: chanced

    • noun: chance, plural noun: chances

    • 釋義
    • 片語



    • 1. fortuitous; accidental a chance meeting


    • 1. do something by accident or without intending to he was very effusive if they chanced to meet 同義詞 happen
    • find or see by accident he chanced upon an interesting advertisement
    • 2. informal do (something) despite its being dangerous or of uncertain outcome they chanced a late holiday 同義詞 risk, hazard, venture, try, try one's luck with, ... 更多