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  1. clean up

    • ph.
      打掃; 整理;清理, 清除, 整理
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    • 1. 打掃; 整理 She is cleaning up the kitchen now. 她現在正在打掃廚房。 You should always clean up after a picnic. 野餐後, 你必須打掃乾淨。
    • 2. 清理, 清除, 整理 We should clean up the past-due bills. 我們應該清理逾期票據。
    • 3. 梳洗 Wait a minute. I'll have to clean up. 等一下, 我要梳洗一下。
    • 4. 【俚】大撈一筆 He cleaned up in the stock market last year. 去年他在股票市場大撈一筆。


    打掃; 整理