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  1. clip



    • vt.
      修剪; 剪; 限制…的自由;剪下
    • n.
      片段;擊打; 抽打
    • 過去式:clipped 過去分詞:clipped 現在分詞:clipping

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 修剪; 剪; 限制…的自由 to clip the wings of ... 修剪…的翅膀
    • 2. 剪下 to clip sth. out of the paper 從報紙上剪下某物
    • 3.
    • 4. 擊打; 碰擦 to clip sb. round the ear 扇了某人一記耳光
    • 5. 簡短地說 to clip one's speech 發言簡短
    • 6. 截取 to clip an image/photograph 截取圖像/照片


    • 1. 片段
    • 2. 擊打; 抽打 (to give sb.) a clip around the ear (給某人)一記耳光
    • 3. 修剪 to give sth. a clip 修剪某物
    • 4. 速度 at a fair/good clip 以較快/很快的速度


    1. cut short or trim (hair, vegetation, etc.) with shears or scissors

    2. cut (a section) from a newspaper or periodical

    3. strike smartly or with a glancing blow

    4. an act of clipping or trimming something

    5. a short sequence taken from a film or broadcast

    6. a smart or glancing blow

    7. a specified speed or rate of movement, especially when rapid