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  1. come in

    • ph.
      進來;(指潮水)湧向陸地; 漲
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    • 1. 進來 Paul: Hi, Sara. I hope that I'm not late. Sara: Come in, Paul. You're early. 保羅: “嗨, 莎拉。我希望我沒有遲到。”莎拉: “保羅, 請進。你來早了。”
    • 2. (指潮水)湧向陸地; 漲 The tide was coming in fast. 潮水漲得很快。
    • 3. 賽跑取得的名次 Which horse came in first? 哪匹馬跑第一?
    • 4. (指板球戲中的擊球手)(輪到擊球開始時)來到三柱門前就位 Who's coming in next? 該誰到三柱門擊球了?
    • 5. 時興; 流行; 時髦 Long hair for men came in in the sixties. 男子留長髮在六十年代流行。
    • 6. (在一年的某一時間)有(貨); 可以買到 English strawberries usually come in in late June. 英國草莓通常在六月下旬上市。
    • 7. 當選; 上任 The socialists came in at the last election. 社會黨人在上次選舉中當選。 The ambassador came in last month. 大使上月上任。
    • 8. 收入; 進項 She has a thousand pounds a month coming in from her investments. 她每月從投資中得到一千英鎊收入。
    • 9. 在某事物中起作用 I understand the plan perfectly, but I can't see where I come in. 我完全了解這項計劃, 但不知道我能起什麼作用?
    • 10. (指新聞、報導等)被電視台(或報社等)收到 News is coming in of a serious train crash in Scotland. 剛剛收到的消息說, 蘇格蘭發生火車撞車重大事故。
    • 11. 參與討論 Would you like to come in at this point, Prime Minister? 首相, 您願意在此刻發表意見嗎?