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  1. come round

    • vi.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 繞道 we had to come round the other way 我們不得不繞道過來
    • 2. 走來走去
    • 3. 拜訪 do come round and see us 一定要來看望我們 to come round for dinner 來家裡吃晚飯吧
    • 4. (再次)來臨 to come round more quickly every year 一年比一年來得快 to wait until sth. comes round 一直等到某事物到來
    • 5. 蘇醒; 回過神; 醒來
    • 6. 改變看法 she finally came round to our way of thinking 她終於轉而認同了我們的想法