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  1. come up

    • vi.
      上來; 浮上來; 上樓;破土發芽
    • 釋義


    • 1. 上來; 浮上來; 上樓 come up to the attic 上閣樓來
    • 2. 破土發芽
    • 3. 升起
    • 4. 被吐出 her lunch came up 她把午飯吐了
    • 5. 達到 the tide came up to the road 潮水漫到了路上 the boots come up to my knees 靴子長及我的膝部
    • 6. 靠近 a van came up and ... 一輛貨車開過來,然後… he came up to me 他走到我跟前
    • 7. 出現 chances like this don't come up very often 這樣的機會不常有 did something come up? 發生了甚麼事嗎?
    • 8. 即將發生 the show is coming up 很快就要開始演出了 he's coming up to retirement 他快退休了
    • 9. 被提起 I was afraid that might come up 我擔心會提到那件事
    • 10. 北上; 上到 she often comes up to London 她經常上倫敦來
    • 11. 被處理 her case comes up next week 她的案子將於下週審理 she came up before the board 她被交由董事會處置
    • 12. 上大學 she came up to Oxford to study law 她進了牛津大學攻讀法律
    • 13. 中獎