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  1. come upon

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      碰上, 偶然遇到;衝向; 襲擊
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    • 1. 碰上, 偶然遇到 I came upon an old friend of mine in the library yesterday. 昨天我在圖書館碰上了我的一個老朋友。
    • 2. 衝向; 襲擊 At this moment a strange idea came upon him. 此時, 他突然產生了一個奇怪的想法。
    • 3. 降落在; 影響 A leaf came upon her book as she was reading. 她正讀著書, 一片樹葉落到她的書上。
    • 4. 要求 My parents have never come upon us for anything. 我的父母從來沒向我們要求過任何東西。
    • 5. 成為...的負擔 I will try to avoid coming upon my children in my old age. 我要盡力避免在晚年時成為孩子們的負擔。


    碰上, 偶然遇到