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  1. contribution

    • IPA[ˌkɒntrɪˈbjuːʃn]
    • n.
      作用; 貢獻;捐助
    • 名詞複數:contributions

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 作用; 貢獻 her outstanding contribution to politics 她在政治上的突出貢獻 a pathetic contribution 小得可憐的作用
    • 2. 捐助 to make a contribution 捐款 all contributions gratefully received 捐款均已收到,謹此深表謝意
    • 3. 繳費
    • 4. 保險金分擔
    • 5. 發表意見


    1. a gift or payment to a common fund or collection

    2. the part played by a person or thing in bringing about a result or helping something to advance

    3. a piece of writing submitted for publication in a journal, book, etc.