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  1. control

    • IPA[kənˈtrəʊl]
    • n.
      控制; 管理; 管制; 掌控; 控制; 管理著;克制
    • vt.
      控制; 管理; 管制;使…定型
    • 過去式:controlled 過去分詞:controlled 現在分詞:controlling

    • 名詞複數:controls

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 控制; 管理; 管制; 掌控; 控制; 管理著 Labour gained control of the council 工黨獲得了議會的控制權 to have control of or over 控制
    • 2. 克制 to exercise considerable control 作出相當大的克制 to have no control over one's emotions 克制不住感情
    • 3. 控制裝置 to be at the controls (of the spaceship) 負責操縱(宇宙飛船) a control panel/knob/button 控制面板/旋鈕/按鈕
    • 4. 管制; 控制; 受管制 to be subject to controls 受控制 controls on military expenditure 對軍費開支的控制
    • 5. 檢驗
    • 6. 指揮部; 檢查站
    • 7. 對照實驗; 對照人; 對照物
    • 8. 控制鍵


    • 1. 控制; 管理; 管制 some teachers just can't control their pupils 有些老師就是管不住學生 he can't control his bodily functions 他大小便失禁
    • 2. 使…定型
    • 3. 克制 to control oneself 自我克制 control yourself: it's not as bad as it seems 鎮定點,事情並不像看上去的那麼糟
    • 4. 管制
    • 5. 檢查


    1. the power to influence or direct people's behaviour or the course of events

    2. the restriction of an activity, tendency, or phenomenon

    3. the ability to restrain one's own emotions or actions

    4. a switch or other device by which a device or vehicle is regulated

    5. the place from which a system or activity is directed or where a particular item is verified

    6. a person or thing used as a standard of comparison for checking the results of a survey or experiment

    7. determine the behaviour or supervise the running of

    8. limit the level, intensity, or numbers of

    9. regulate (a mechanical or scientific process)