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  1. course

    • IPA[kɔːs]



    • n.
      進程;航向; 航線; 水道; 路線; 方位; 行動方向; 很可能做成某事; 改變(自己的)方針
    • vi.
    • adv
    • 過去式:coursed 過去分詞:coursed 現在分詞:coursing

    • 名詞複數:courses

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    • 1. 進程 the course of nature/history/justice 自然規律/歷史進程/司法程序 in the course of sth./doing sth. 在…/做某事的過程中
    • 2. 航向; 航線; 水道; 路線; 方位; 行動方向; 很可能做成某事; 改變(自己的)方針 to be on a course 保持某一航向 on course 在正確的方向上
    • 3. 行動方式 to take a course of action 採取一種辦法
    • 4. 課程 a French/art/degree course 法文/藝術/學位課程 the college offers a wide range of courses 學院開設課程範圍廣泛
    • 5. 療程 a course of 一個…的療程 the doctor prescribed a course of antibiotics 醫生開了一個療程的抗生素
    • 6. 高爾夫球場
    • 7. 賽道; 跑道; 堅持到底 to stay the course 堅持到比賽結束
    • 8. 一道菜 the first/second/third course 頭/第二/第三道菜 the soup/fish course 一道湯/魚
    • 9.


    • 1. 迅速流動 to course through sth. 迅速地流過某物 to course down sth. 沿某物流下來


    • 1. 當然 (of) course not! 當然不! I may of course be wrong 當然,我可能是錯的


    1. the route or direction followed by a ship, aircraft, road, or river

    2. the way in which something progresses or develops

    3. a procedure adopted to deal with a situation

    4. a dish, or a set of dishes served together, forming one of the successive parts of a meal

    5. an area of land set aside and prepared for racing, golf, or another sport

    6. a series of lectures or lessons in a particular subject, leading to an examination or qualification

    7. a series of repeated treatments or doses of medication

    8. a continuous horizontal layer of brick, stone, or other material in a wall

    9. (of liquid) move without obstruction; flow

    10. pursue (game, especially hares) with greyhounds using sight rather than scent

    • adj.
    • course的名詞複數
    • ph.
      自然的, 當然, 如你所料 Of course you know that girl; she is in your class. 你當然認識那個女孩, 她和你同班。 A: Do you love him? B: Of course I do. 甲: 你愛他嗎? 乙: 我當然愛他。
    • ph.
      中間路線, 中庸之道
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    • ph.
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    • n.
      路線;方向[C] Our course was straight to the south. 我們的方向是一直向南。
    • vt.
    • vi.
      (液體)流動[Q] Tears coursed down her face. 她淚流滿面。