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  1. crowd control
    • 1. 人群控制

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    out of controlcontrol 係n定係v?

    ...圍住/裝載 – 是指control(verb)的一種方法,例如正常的人潮/人羣管理上可以叫crowd control,但如果控制暴動才叫riot containment(noun) / contain a riot。這才是control一種惡劣...

    請幫忙翻譯中文-technical & others aviod unfavourable legal position. 2) Safety issues and crowd control should be in place to guide patrons of restaurants and cinema to avoid...


    ...for the implementation of the game to explain and safety rules, maintain order and control the waiting crowd, etc. - Five or above - Must pass the color test - Outgoing...

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