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  1. crowd in
    • 1. 使很多人或物擠進狹小空間或在短時期湧現出來; 勉強塞入

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    麻煩中譯英..急!! thx!.麥當勞行銷策略之分析(20分) part 2

    ...'s will set up most of the crowds surging in the place or places convenient transportation...area to separate the consumer and dining in the crowd. D. corner of the store space are...

    有麻煩....上頭 我要英文勁人黎支援

    ...句句子既subject there were crowds everywhere 如果 reverse番黎寫,變成 crowds were there in the train station, 咁你就知其實 crowds先至係個subject subject係plural, 咁...

    A crowd of people??

    1.I was embarrassed when a crowd of people suddenly stood in front of me. 2. A crowd of people suddenly standing in front of...