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  1. crowd in on
  2. vt 及物動詞

    • 1. (approach) 擠近

    • 2. (surround) 從周圍向…壓過來

    • 3. (fig) (overwhelm) 湧上…的心頭

    • vt 及物動詞



    • (指想法等)大量湧現
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    有麻煩....上頭 我要英文勁人黎支援

    ...句句子既subject there were crowds everywhere 如果 reverse番黎寫,變成 crowds were there in the train station, 咁你就知其實 crowds先至係個subject subject係plural, 咁...


    ... Kok is always crowded with people. The teddy bear in display is huge. I have never...many stalls in the school playground on the Open Day. The stall...

    How to stop my face from blushing, i go blushed whenever i need to present in front of a crowd. how to overcome the anxiety?

    ... material of presentation or speech in advance. 2. For the first... of your presentation, treat the crowd as a single object (死物) and don't focus your eyes on them for their reaction...

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