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  1. dead weight

    • IPA[ˈded ˌwāt]
    • n.
      the weight of an inert person or thing;a heavy or oppressive burden
    • noun: deadweight, plural noun: deadweights

    • 釋義


    • 1. the weight of an inert person or thing the net was a dead weight on his shoulders
    • a heavy or oppressive burden the past was just so much dead weight, excess baggage
    • the total weight of cargo, stores, etc., that a ship carries or can carry at a particular draft this will produce a maximum dead weight of 72,350 tons
    • another term for dead load
    • animals sold by the estimated weight of salable meat that they will yield.
    • losses incurred because of the inefficient allocation of resources, especially through taxation or restriction a dead-weight burden