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  1. decide

    • IPA[dɪˈsaɪd]



    • vt.
      決定;解決; 裁決
    • vi.
    • 過去式:decided 過去分詞:decided 現在分詞:deciding

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    • 1. 決定 to decide to do sth. 決定做某事 I decided that I would leave 我決定離開
    • 2. 解決; 裁決 to decide a case 斷案
    • 3. 使決定 to decide sb. to do sth. 使某人決定做某事 to decide sb. against sth./doing sth. 使某人決定不做某事
    • 4. 決定…的結果 this point could decide (the outcome of) the match 這1分可能決定比賽的勝負 her father's death decided her future/fate 她父親的去世決定了她的未來/命運


    • 1. 決定 I can't decide 我拿不定主意 to decide between A and B 在A和B之間選擇
    • 2. 裁決 to decide against sb./sth. 作出對某人/某事物不利的裁決 to decide in favour of sb./sth. 作出對某人/某事物有利的裁決
    • adj.
      明確無誤的 I have very decided views on the subject 我對這個問題的觀點很明確
    • adj.
      無疑的,明確的;顯然的 a decided change 明顯的變化
    • 決定了的,堅決的


    • ph.
      作出不利於...的判決 The judge had decided against him. 法官的判決對他不利。
    • ph.
      考慮後決定 Finally, she decided upon a pink dress. 最後, 她選定了一件粉紅色的洋裝。
    • vt.
      選定 she decided on a career in medicine 她決定從醫 what made you decide on this candidate? 你為甚麼選定了這位候選人?
    • ph.
      作出不利於……的判決 The judge had decided against him. 法官的判決對他不利。
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    • KK[dɪˋsaɪd]
    • DJ[diˋsaid]


    • vt.
      決定;決意[+wh-][+to-v][+(that)] They decided that John must stay there. 他們決定約翰必須留在那裡。 She decided to live in London. 她決定住在倫敦。
    • vi.
      決定[(+on/for/against)] It's difficult to decide between the two candidates. 在這兩個候選人中作出選擇是困難的。 As to where to go, they haven't decided yet. 至於去哪裡,他們還沒有決定。
    • 決定,決心