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  1. deferring

    • defer的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
    • 相關詞
    • vt.
      推遲 to defer making a decision 推遲作決定 to defer sentence 延期判刑
    • vt.
      推遲,使展期 She has made up her mind to defer her departure for two days. 她決定將行程推遲兩天。
    • vi.
      推遲,延期 You have deferred too long. 你拖延得太久了。
    • vi.
      聽從,順從[(+to)] I defer to my parents because they are older and wiser. 我聽從父母,因為他們年長見多識廣。 I will be happy to defer to your advice on these matters. 我很樂意聽從您對這些事情的忠告。
    • vt.
      把……委託給[(+to)] You could defer the matter to your colleague. 你可把這件事委託給同事去辦。
    • adj.
    • 推遲,延期,聽從使推遲,使延期


    • 延遲的


    • ph.
      聽從 She never defers to her parents' opinions. 她從來不聽從父母的意見。
    • n.
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