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  1. every

    • IPA[ˈevri]



    • adj.
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    • 1. 每一個 insects of every kind 各種昆蟲 I looked in every direction 我四處張望
    • 2. 所有的 I have every confidence in her 我對她有充分的信心 you have every reason to be pleased 你完全有理由感到滿意
    • 3. 每…的 once every day/second day/few days 每天/每隔一天/每隔幾天一次 change the oil every 5,000 miles 每5,000英里換一次機油


    1. used before a singular noun to refer to all the individual members of a set without exception

    2. (used for emphasis) all possible; the utmost


    「1. (used for emphasis) all possible; the utmost」的反義字

    • ph.
      整個地方 The police examined every inch of the house for clues. 警方為尋找線索徹底檢查了整所房子。
    • ph.
      所有其他的(人或事物) Every other girl except me is wearing jeans. 除了我以外, 其他姑娘都穿著牛仔褲。
    • ph.
      並非每一個 Not every student is right. 並非每一個學生都是對的。
    • ph.
      每次; 總是 Our table tennis team wins every time. 我們兵乓球隊每戰必勝。 Every time I meet him, he tries to borrow books from me. 每當我遇到他時, 他總是向我借書。
    • ph.
      【口】(加強語氣)每一個, 全部, 無一例外地 We spent every last penny we had on the house. 我們的錢全部用在房子上了。
    • ph.
      每個週末 He likes camping every weekend, but I don't. 他喜歡每個週末露營, 但是我不喜歡。
    • ph.
      【口】(加強語氣)每一個, 全部 We spent every single penny we had on the house. 我們的錢全部用在房子上了。 He played Beethoven's Ninth every single night. 他每天夜裡都演奏貝多芬的第九交響曲。
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    • KK[ˋɛvrɪ]
    • DJ[ˋevri]


    • adj.
      每一,每個;一切的,全部的 Mr. Miller searched every room in the house. 米勒先生搜查了這棟房子裡的所有房間。 The library is open every day. 圖書館每天都開。
    • 每一的,每個的