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  1. feel

    • IPA[fiːl]



    • vt.
      觸摸; 謹慎行事;撫弄
    • vi.
      摸索;有感覺; 有感情
    • n.
    • 過去式:felt 過去分詞:felt 現在分詞:feeling

    • 名詞複數:feels

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞
    • 片語


    • 1. 觸摸; 謹慎行事 he felt the bump on her head 他摸了摸她頭上的腫塊 to feel the weight of sth. 掂某物的重量
    • 2. 撫弄 to feel oneself 手淫 to feel sb. up 猥褻某人
    • 3. 感覺到 he couldn't feel anything in his left leg 他的左腿失去了知覺 he felt sth. crawling up his arm 他覺得有東西順著胳膊往上爬
    • 4. 對…有切身感受 she really feels the cold 她很怕冷 I'm feeling the heat today 今天我覺得特別熱
    • 5. 意識到 I felt a tremendous sense of loss 我感到茫然不知所措 he felt no bitterness towards her 他一點兒都不恨她
    • 6. 認為 I felt his plan to be impractical 我認為他的計劃不切實際 she felt she would succeed this time 她相信自己這次會成功


    • 1. 摸索 she felt in her bag for the key 她在包裡摸索著找鑰匙 she felt for the ledge with her foot 她用腳探找岩石的突出部
    • 2. 有感覺; 有感情 the dead cannot feel 死人沒有知覺
    • 3. 給人…的感覺 this bag feels lighter than that one 這個袋子給人的感覺比那個輕 how does your leg feel? — a bit better 你的腿感覺怎麼樣?──好點了
    • 4. 感覺 how are you feeling? or how do you feel? 你感覺怎麼樣? I don't feel hungry 我不覺得餓


    • 1. 觸摸 to have a feel (of sth.) or give (sth.) a feel 觸摸(某物) he had a feel in his pockets for his key 他在口袋裡摸鑰匙
    • 2. 觸覺 you can tell it's leather by the feel (of it) 你一摸就知道它是皮的 the rock was warm to the feel 這塊岩石摸上去熱乎乎的
    • 3. 氣氛 I didn't like the feel of the place 我不喜歡這地方的氣氛 the cottage had a welcoming feel about it 這間村舍令人感到舒適
    • 4. 天賦 to have a feel for language 有語言天賦 she has a feel for handling difficult people 她天生善於同難纏的人打交道
    • 5. 熟悉 to get the feel of sth./doing sth. 開始熟悉某事物/做某事 it takes a while to get the feel of operating a different machine 想要熟練操作另一臺機器是要花時間的


    1. be aware of (a person or object) through touching or being touched

    2. examine or search by touch

    3. give a sensation of a particular physical quality when touched

    4. experience (an emotion or sensation)

    5. have a belief or impression, especially without an identifiable reason

    6. hold an opinion

    7. the sense of touch

    8. a sensation given by an object or material when touched

    9. the impression given by something


    「1. hold an opinion」的反義字

    • n.
    • pt, pp
    • n.
      毛氈;氈製品 He is wearing a felt hat. 他戴著一頂氈帽。
    • vt.
    • vi.
    • feel的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • 毛毯,氈制氈,使粘結粘結feel的過去式和過去分詞


    • ph.
      摸上去如同 This feels like silk. 這東西摸上去像絲綢。
    • ph.
      感到愉快(或有信心等) It makes me feel good to know you like me. 我知道你喜歡我, 感到很高興。
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    • vt.
      摸,觸;試探[+wh-] I can't feel where the light switch is. 我摸不出電燈開關在哪裡。 He felt the cloth to see its quality. 他摸摸布看它的品質。
    • vi.
      有感覺;覺得[L] I feel exactly like you. 我的感覺與你完全一樣。 I felt hurt. 我感到傷心。
    • n.[S]
      觸覺;手感 The silk has a soft smooth feel. 這絲綢摸上去柔軟光滑。
    • 有知覺,有感覺